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Robin Prodanovich
Surfboards USA

San Diego, California

Phone: (858)-349-2755

Where's My Board?

When you order a completely handmade polyurethane/polyester board from me, you can check on your boardís progress and know exactly where it is. It will be in the very capable hands of the surfboard craftsmen that do their work at Eric and Debbie Gordonís Custom Surf Glass shop in San Diego, California. Their shop has been glassing boards for me for over 15 years and I know that when one of my shaped blanks disappears through their front door, the next time I see that blank, it will be a completely finished surfboard built to both my specifications and those of my customer, and will be of the highest quality.

Feel free to contact me to check pictures and progress of your completely handmade surfboard that is proudly made in the USA.

Eric, Owner

Debbie Gordon, Owner

Glen, Laminator
TC Airbrushing and glossing
Ryan, Sander
Tom, Polisher
Aaron, fin systems install
Blake, glass on fin installs and laminator